Imports and Exports

Resource – English DATE Resource – French DATE
XML Imports – learning event recording (1:54) 2022-Mar-31
XML Imports v1.0 – slide deck from learning event 2022-Mar-31
Generic Table Import v1.1 2021-Apr-26 Importation de Tables Génériques v1.1 26-avr-2021
Create Import from Field Set v1.0 2021-Apr-26 Créer une Importation à partir d’un Ensemble de champs v1.0 26-avr-2021
Create Export from Field Set and Filter v1.1 2021-Apr-26
Exports and Imports – learning event recording (3:02) 2021-May-05
Scheduled Jobs for SSH Transfers, Exports, and Imports 2021-Aug-10