Regular news and announcements related to MyOntarioEducation, and the information and materials available at this website.

Events Calendar

Remember to check the events calendar for upcoming learning opportunities, planned maintenance periods, upcoming deployments and environment refreshes.

Welcome back and Happy New Year

We have lots of upcoming workshop sessions, please check the Events Calendar on MyOntarioEdu website for the schedule

Release notes can be found under Communications section on MyOntarioEdu website

Holiday Schedule

Please be aware that holiday availability will be as follows:

  • December 26 – Closed
  • January 2 – Closed
  • December 27 through December 30 – Regular hours, 8:30AM – 4:30PM with reduced staffing

If you encounter a critical issue outside of regular hours, please follow the standard process.

Happy Holidays!

Aspen 6.6 Upgrade

The Aspen 6.6 Upgrade is being done between Dec 2 5:00 PM EST to Dec 4 Dec4 9:00 AM. The DSBs will have an opportunity to validate the upgrade from 9:00 AM EST – 11:00 AM EST on Sunday, December 4. This activity will inform the Go/No go decision to be made at 11:30 AM EST. To assist the DSBs in the Production verification exercise, we have provided some suggested sanity check scenarios in the links below:



Get Ready for Scheduling 2023-2024!

Join the Learning Management Team’s scheduling sessions to deepen your understanding of the different methods of scheduling in Aspen:  Hand-Scheduling, Group Scheduling, Copy and Load Scheduling, and the full Build and Load Scheduling.  The Learning Management Team will also be hosting support sessions.

Sessions will begin in December and will continue until the end of the school year.  Check out the Events Calendar for session details, dates, and times.  If you are unable to join the live sessions, all session recordings are posted on the Resources page by the next day.

It’s OnSIS Reporting Time

On Wednesday, October 26 an unscheduled deployment of tools designed to help with OnSIS reporting was delivered to production. Please check the Resources tab, OnSIS page for the excel files with details of what was included. There were a number of common filters and fieldsets included that will help with viewing, validating and correction of data for submission.

Are you ready for the new school year?

Join the Learning Management Team’s weekly sessions as they take you through the Start of School Readiness tasks and checks. The school-year cycle sessions will be held over the upcoming weeks: Attendance, Daily Walk-in Scheduling, Incidents and Consequences, Gradebook, and more. The Learning Management Team will also be hosting weekly support sessions during September.

Check out the Events Calendar for session details, dates, and times. If you are unable to join the live sessions, all session recordings are posted on the Resources page by the next day.

EOYR Updates

Production EOYRs have started and so far, things are going well. It is critical that at least one test of the rollover is done in the testing environment provided. If you need the site refreshed from production, please create a HEAT ticket as early as possible. The Operations team are extremely busy over the next three weeks and the further in advance you can get your request in, the more likely you will get the refresh when you need it.

There are 2-3 boards undergoing rollover each day from August 8 through August 19, so it is critical for all that you be as prepared as you can be on your date. Please do not start your rollover before checking in on your open bridge support call as backups are planned to be done in time for the start of the call.

Ontario Special Education – July Version

Please note that the July 2022 Version of Ontario Special Education is currently being tested by Fujitsu QA. It is being planned for release to client of Aug 18th.
Detailed Release Notes on this will be shared with Aug 18th, Draft 2 Release Notes.

Ticket Advocacy Update

We are now a few weeks into the ticket advocacy process and things seem to be going well. One thing we’ve noticed is some confusion about where to find the updates from the Production Support team. They will be added to the original HEAT ticket and the person who created the ticket in your board will get an email notification. Updates will not be in the notification message, they will be in the ticket itself.

Please remember that all update requests need to be submitted through the Ticket Advocacy Form and shouldn’t be requested through the L1 helpdesk team.

Ticket Advocacy and Touchpoint Meeting

The Product Support team will transition to the new model of Ticket Advocacy and Touchpoint Meetings discussed at the April 11 Live Board Meeting. The presentation is available in the ECNO tenant for review, or here .
All live boards who would like regularly scheduled Touchpoint Meetings need to complete the Meeting Schedule Survey by Thursday, April 14th.

Time to Start Thinking About End Of Year Rollover

Time to Start Thinking About End of Year Rollover

Planning is underway for all live boards and boards going live before September to complete their End of Year Rollover (EOYR).  Training opportunities will be posted in the Events Calendar as they are made available – the first of which, End of Year Preview, is scheduled for April 21.

Please see EOYR Process Resources for information from last year.  Updated documents will be posted as process testing is completed by the Fujitsu service team over the next few weeks.

More details to follow as part of a Kick Off announcement for 2022 EOYR.