Time to Start Thinking About End Of Year Rollover

Time to Start Thinking About End of Year Rollover

Planning is underway for all live boards and boards going live before September to complete their End of Year Rollover (EOYR).  Training opportunities will be posted in the Events Calendar as they are made available – the first of which, End of Year Preview, is scheduled for April 21.

Please see EOYR Process Resources for information from last year.  Updated documents will be posted as process testing is completed by the Fujitsu service team over the next few weeks.

More details to follow as part of a Kick Off announcement for 2022 EOYR.

Aspen to ver in Production

The Aspen Production upgrade has been completed successfully on the weekend of March 25-27. This release included:

• Long awaited attendance functionality item regarding ability to mark multiple lates in a day.
• Ability to track completed student assignments

The release contains multiple fixes and operational improvement items as well.

New OnSIS Publish All User Guide now available

The OnSIS Publish All User Guide provides DSBs with the information necessary to:

  • prepare Aspen data for the OnSIS submission
  • generate the OnSIS XML from Aspen OnSIS Publish All
  • load any OnSIS-generated errors so that the DSB’s schools can resolve the reported issues

We welcome any comments and suggestions you would like to see in an upcoming version of this document. Please submit feedback via HEAT (Live Boards) or DevOps (Fujitsu Implementation PM) with the subject line: OnSIS Publish All Guide Feedback.

Note: an OnSIS-error guide is being prepared, which will provide suggestions for resolving many of the more commonly encountered OnSIS errors.