General News

End of Year Rollover Update

Fujitsu testing of the EOYR process for all live boards is well underway.  The target date for DSB EOYR testing availability is May 30.  Surveys to plan each DSB’s EOYR date will be sent the same week.  Please make sure your team is aware of the process for EOYR and time is allocated for testing long before the actual EOYR to ensure a smooth transition to the new school year. 

Please see EOYR Process Resources for information from last year.  Documents will be updated as necessary, prior to the start of DSB testing. 

The Learning Management team hosted a well-attended and very informative EOYR Preview on April 21.  If you couldn’t attend, the session recording is available for viewing. 

Important Announcements

Aspen Point Release – Upgrade Complete

Production and non-production environments were successfully upgraded to Aspen over the weekend of 14May. This upgrade was intended to resolve the locale issues introduced in the Aspen release in March.

Thank you to those DSBs who participated in the testing prior to deployment, those who were able to participate in the validation/testing activities on 14May and to all the Fujitsu team members who supported the weekend upgrade activities.