General News

PPM 167 Changes

Please note that PPM 167 functionality changes are currently NOT in production.

Fujitsu QA is currently testing these changes, and these are planned for production deployment on July 7th, based on successful testing completion. Failing this date, it will be deployed to production on the following release on July 21st.

End of Year Rollover

For all live boards, if you haven’t selected your date for EOYR, please complete the survey sent to the COP member for your board on Friday, June 10 and submit your date as soon as possible. They have been filling up quickly and we are trying to limit days to a maximum of 2 boards performing EOYR to ensure quick access to the Production Support team, should you need any assistance.
Please check the Events Calendar for date availability.

Aspen Tool Talk sessions

Starting June 2, we will be hosting bi-weekly sessions with our expert Aspen developers to answer your questions on configuring and using Aspen Tools (Jobs, Procedures, Reports, Exports, Imports, Data Analytics, and Templates). This panel will respond to your questions on Aspen Tools: Jobs, Procedures, Exports, Imports, Queries, Analytics, and Templates. Come with your questions or to just listen in and learn! These sessions will run through August 25, 2022.

Important Announcements

Ticket Advocacy Update

We are now a few weeks into the ticket advocacy process and things seem to be going well. One thing we’ve noticed is some confusion about where to find the updates from the Production Support team. They will be added to the original HEAT ticket and the person who created the ticket in your board will get an email notification. Updates will not be in the notification message, they will be in the ticket itself.

Please remember that all update requests need to be submitted through the Ticket Advocacy Form and shouldn’t be requested through the L1 helpdesk team.